Transkaukazja 2013 - get ready!
Transkaukazja 2013 Program

From Portugal to Ukraine - Transkaukazja 2013 for a first time in history will include visual arts interventions in public & private spaces and music workshops & concerts in 9 countries of European Union and Eastern Partnership. Join us from June to September 2013 during the Transkaukazja Festival and later for Transkaukazja non-festival events.

From local Warsaw-based festival inspired by contemporary Caucasus to global program - aimed at creating Transkaukazja Confederation - led by independent art & culture institutions from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, France, United Kingdom and Portgual.

Keep up with us for Festival plan-of-action:

Pre-festival events:

Sat, 4 May, Warsaw - concert of Chveneburebi (Georgia, multivoices) with guest appereance: Ifi Ude (Nigeria/Poland)
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June-September 2013

United Kingdom
5 June - concert of 33A (Georgia) and Vołosi (Poland) - London, Kings Place
in cooperation with Songlines Encounters Festival
Details here

13-16 June: depARTments 2: Transliteration of Views - Kiev
15 June - concert of 33A (Georgia) and Vołosi (Poland)
Details here

21 June - concert of 33A (Georgia) and Vołosi (Poland)
Kampa Island / Česká spořitelna (World Stage) 6:30 PM.
in cooperation with United Islands
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26-30 June: depARTments 3: Panslavizms (Exhibition, Conference, Film Program) - Warsaw
Former Headquarters of Polish Communist Party (Nowy Świat 6/12)
29 June - concert including 33A (Georgia), Vołosi (Poland), Chveneburebi (Georgia), Ifi Ude (Nigeria/Poland), Zumbaland (Georgia) with participation of Clive Brown & The Shekinah Singers (UK)
Krakowskie Przedmieście street (next to Europejski and Bristol hotels)
Details here

11-14 July: depARTments 4: Borderland - Zittau
“Border - Key - Neuropa”
Accompaning actions from mid May:
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8-10 August: depARTments 5: Resistance - Vienna
Tatia Skirtladze,  Mama Tabu, Nino Sakandelidze and others
with participation of Krzysztof Żwirblis, Social Museum
Details here

21-24 August - depARTments 6: Living Spaces* - Stockholm
in cooperation with Stockholm Fringe Festival
curator: Kaja Pawełek
Details here
Miasta w Komie / Caucasus in the Koma

31 August - depARTments 7 - Metz
2-3 September - depARTments 7 - Nancy
in cooperation with Film Aye Aye Festival
Details here

23-24 September - depARTments 8 (part I) - Prague

Post-festival events:

Non-festival depARTments walk - April 2014

* - working titles

Transkaukazja organizers
  • The Other Space Foundation (Poland)
  • Kultur Aktiv (Germany)
  • Kontora Pravylo (Ukraine)
  • Austrian Caucasian Society (Austria)
  • Stockholm Fringe Festival (Sweden)
  • S-hacek (Czech)
  • Arts Territory (United Kingdom)
  • Aye Aye Film Festival (France)
  • Oficina de Courela (Portugal)
  • SubUrb Culture Center (Armenia)
  • TuTu Children’s Culture Center (Azerbaijan)

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