In solidarity with Tbilisi!
Transkaukazja is joining the actions of solidarity with Tbilisi. During the Saturday concert (27.06) of Warsaw Transkaukazja there will be possibility to make donation for vicitms of Tbilisi flood. Read more about how to join the actions of solidarity led by The Association "Bridge to Georgia" and the Polish Center for International Aid among others.

[source: The Association "Bridge to Georgia"]

The Association "Bridge to Georgia" has listed for you possibilities of aid for the victims of the tragic floods that hit Tbilisi last weekend! Read it, share it and help!

1. The Association "Bridge to Georgia" coordinates and supports a number of efforts:

The Association "Bridge to Georgia" is organizing the street collection during the Transkaukazja 2015 concert on Saturda27th of June (

In Warsaw, you will also find our box at Kafe Zielony Niedźwiedź, they also preparing tradicional Mcvadi to support our case!


26.06 at the Cinema Agrafka will be a special screening of five short films of Mikheil Kobachidzego - georgian master of the art of film. All income will be allocated to support relief! Details:

Association's donate boxes can be found in the restaurant Smaki Gruzji, Gruzińskie Chaczapuri and of course on Lipowa 6f


Donation box as well as delicious Khachapuri can be found at U Gruzina


22.06 in Niebostan cafe in Łódź travel presentation about Georgia will be held together with support for our action.


Action: "Aid to Tbilisi. Tbilisi, we are with you":

The Association also provides account for transfers in polish zloties:
Transfers to the account of the Association "Bridge to Georgia" - necessarily with a note POMOC TBILISI. Account number: 46 1540 1115 2111 6011 9311 0001

2. Other individuals and organizations raising funds for Tbilisi:

Polish Center for International Aid:

"Heart for Georgia"-

Regional Center for Volunteers in Lublin:

Restaurant Tbilisi in Warsaw:

International transfers

Tbilisi Municipality Budget – Private companies, individuals, other organizations
Current voluntary transfers to Tbilisi Municipality budget (GEL)
Beneficiary’s bank: State Treasury
Beneficiary: Treasury Single Account
Bank Code: TRESGE22
Beneficiary’s account/treasury code: 300773271 (other current voluntary transfers excluding grants )

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